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Wats up y’all? :}

Anonymous asked: What kind of vegan meals do you eat daily? I'm vegetarian and I'm considering going vegan, but since I'm not sure of what kind of meals to start with. Help?

i cook my own food everyday, and i loooove fake meats so much lol. I make my own seitan. But when i first went vegan i didnt have access to these things. I literally lived off of tacos lmao. Pasta is good. Its really not hard to make your own food tho. I make vegan chicken fried stake easily and i think its amazing. Lol. A fake meat brand i love is Gardien. Im always getting their “chicken” tenders and this orange chicken stuff for stir fries. I would invest in a cook book too! Really helped me out a lot. Make sure you’re balancing fruits and vegatables too tho lol.

I hope this was helpful?? if not feel free to ask anything else. :)

primonick asked: Why are u so awsome?

haha i am?